Janice Chen was born on the 12th of June, 1976. Thirty-five years into the future, she will migrate to Australia with her husband and daughter…
One day in China, she and her husband had a very important conversation that would change their own and their child’s future… that discussion was about emigrating to a new country. She had been expecting it when her husband asked what country she wanted to go to, so she smiled and said without hesitating, “I want to go to Australia because of many reasons but mainly because I like the weather”. After a few months the decision was made, they got everything ready, quitted their jobs ( her husband an IT and herself a nurse), sold their house to a nice couple, loaned an apartment in North Sydney and went to Australia.
When she first arrived, she did not know how to speak English but even more importantly… she didn’t know how to cook. So, she switched the language on Google to Mandarin and searched for shopping centers, recipes and also where to learn English, where to find a suitable primary school for her daughter and where to loan/buy another apartment etc. But after all this there was one more challenge that she herself, had to face... homesickness. Luckily for Janice, she could communicate with her family in China through softwares like WeChat & Skype so that problem soon dissolved away. She and her family also went back to China on annual holidays and her parents and in-laws often came to visit so homesickness drew even further away.
But her husband's problems were also her problems... Even though she wanted to be a housewife for a few years and not look for a job, her husband had to find one so he could raise the family, so of course Janice needed to help in every way that she can. After several months of hardship and worrying, everything finally got settled. Her husband found a good job as an IT again, her daughter in a nice school with lots of friends and she went to Tafe to learn English. Janice never regretted coming, after all, there was nothing to regret about.
She was very content with the country, but she has advise for the Prime Minister too. She wants him to increase the number of parent migration as she thinks that everyone cares for their parents a lot after they come to Australia. And also that more attention should be paid into identifying false refugees as she definitely does not encourage the government to let them in. Nevertheless, she totally encourages tourists as she wishes the country to improve economically and they certainly help! 
Despite the fact that she has been in Australia for more than four years as a permanent resident, Janice is not a citizen and does not plan to be. She is worried that if her parents in China becomes ill or has an emergency and needs her to be there immediately, she will not be able to get there in time. A Visa when applied for will only be approved after several days and without it, so she will not be able to arrive instantaneously. On the other hand, her husband and daughter will change to citizens when the suitable time comes and she is absolutely happy about it! So again Janice never ever regretted making the decision to come.